ICT Consultancy Services

Technology is becoming more and more complex by the day and at the same time a must have for most organizations. For quick return on investments, companies are turning to consultancy services for implementation of ICT related projects. With the following modules
OS LABS will provide consultancy specific to client requirements:-

  • Technology Infrastructure planning and acquisition.

  • Choice of service providers.

  • Project management

After Sale Services

Availability of data processing systems is becoming critical in all sections in most organizations. Be it the mails systems availability, company billing or, enterprise resource planning; companies want their systems to be available 24/7 throughout the year. A well designed and implemented system must always be maintained for possible virus attacks, hardware failures, human errors and sometimes external intrusions etc.

OS LABS have support solutions fitting to every client environment to ensure our client’s data processing environment are available all the time leaving them to concentrate on the their core area of service. We provide the following support plans:-

System health checks.
Ensures system errors are identified and resolved in good time. Capacity utilization checks to prepare for upgrades in time to avoid last minute degradation due to lack. Preventive Maintenance of Data Centre equipment. Regular physical cleaning of the servers and their related systems based on the data centre environment conditions. Incident management of equipment on warranty. Resolving Virus related problems both at the data centre and at desk top level.

Solaris 11 Administration 1
Solaris 11 Administration 2
Solaris 11 Advanced
Zfs Storage Administration
Data Center Management